Summer in Salt Lake City is streaking on by but your windows shouldn't be, (streaking)!

Summer is flying by and we've been booked solid with windows to clean.

Do you have dirty streaks on your windows? 

When you use the wrong cleaning supplies on windows, you get smudges and dirty "streaks" that glare in the afternoon sunlight.  We can make your windows so clear and streak free you'll never go back to dirty windows. 

window cleaner slc

How about hard water stains from the sprinklers? 

We know all the tricks for removing tough hard water stains from windows but you can help your windows by redirecting your sprinklers so they are hitting your grass and plants, not your glass! Hard water stains, over time can cause permanent damage to youu windows, so it's important to get those stains taken off.  

window cleaner salt lake city

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