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Window Cleaning Makes for a Better View!

As window cleaners we’re always surprised when a house is getting its windows cleaned for the FIRST TIME EVER.

Why are we surprised? Because there there are a lot of great reasons to keep your windows clean. Reason Number 1 is how much a clean window improves your view! Here in Salt Lake City, we have amazing mountain views and sunsets and what’s better than seeing out your windows like they’re not even there?

#2. Clean windows make the outside of your house look better. Yes, that’s right! It’s like mowing your lawn or keeping your hedges trimmed, clean windows make your house look cared for, clean and like a well loved space.

#3. Clean, well cared for windows last longer. When dirt and hard water, (especially hard water) build up on your windows, long term damage can happen. Those hard water stains will get harder and harder to remove until they have actually caused permanent damage to your window. When we clean your windows, we let you know if there is damage or if you need to possibly re-orient your sprinklers to keep them from hittting your windows.

Clean windows make for better mountain views.

Clean windows make for better mountain views.

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With so many windows on this building, keeping them clean makes the whole building look better!

Spring is Here and We're Busy!

We love spring time and early summer in Salt Lake because the phone is ringing off the hook all day! Here are some photos from our early spring to almost summer archives...

Does your spring cleaning include window cleaning? It should!

It's spring in the Salt Lake Valley and if you're spring cleaning, you should let us handle your window cleaning! 

Clean windows brighten up your entire house AND if you let residue and hard water stains build up for too long on your windows, it can cause long term damage to your windows.   Window cleaning should be a a part of your regular home maintenance.  Call us today for a free estimate.  We remove hard water stains, do post construction cleaning, gutter cleaning and screen cleaning in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas.  We're the best in the business.