Window Cleaning Makes for a Better View!

As window cleaners we’re always surprised when a house is getting its windows cleaned for the FIRST TIME EVER.

Why are we surprised? Because there there are a lot of great reasons to keep your windows clean. Reason Number 1 is how much a clean window improves your view! Here in Salt Lake City, we have amazing mountain views and sunsets and what’s better than seeing out your windows like they’re not even there?

#2. Clean windows make the outside of your house look better. Yes, that’s right! It’s like mowing your lawn or keeping your hedges trimmed, clean windows make your house look cared for, clean and like a well loved space.

#3. Clean, well cared for windows last longer. When dirt and hard water, (especially hard water) build up on your windows, long term damage can happen. Those hard water stains will get harder and harder to remove until they have actually caused permanent damage to your window. When we clean your windows, we let you know if there is damage or if you need to possibly re-orient your sprinklers to keep them from hittting your windows.

Clean windows make for better mountain views.

Clean windows make for better mountain views.

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With so many windows on this building, keeping them clean makes the whole building look better!

We do any window cleaning job, big or small, residential or commercial with the same amount of effort and pride!

Summer time is always a busy season for window cleaners and despite a rainy start, this summer has been no exception! We’re out here every day cleaning windows on homes, ranches, small office building, big office buildings, rec centers and everything in between. Need a to schedule your next window cleaning? We offer free estimates and we’re the best in the business.

A Spring Cleaning Checklist. (Yes,clean windows is on the list!)

Spring is just around the corner here in the Salt Lake Valley and it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning your home.

Spring cleaning is important for your health and happiness, (especially if you have allergies!) but it can be overwhelming! We found a handy list of tips for a successful and easy spring cleaning experience. And we’ll take at least one thing off your list by getting your windows clean and clear! Just follow these top 10 spring cleaning tips and tricks with some extra tips for allergy sufferers:

1. Make a Schedule

Scope out your home: What areas need the most work? Where do you skip during routine cleaning? Those are the best places to start. Regardless of where you start, having a plan for when you’re tackling each room will keep you focused on the task at hand.

2. De-clutter

Decluttering makes you more efficient and keeps you organized. But more than that, clutter has psychological influences. It signals to your brain that work isn’t done. Studies have shown that a disorganized home adds to your stress level. The scientific implications of inhaling dust – combined with the psychological stress of coming home to a pile of unsorted laundry or cluttered desk – can take a toll.

Set aside some time to:

  • Organize your closets

  • Dust and organize your office

  • Look through that dreaded junk drawer

You may be surprised how fresh you feel after you eliminate unnecessary stress from your life.

3. Always Work from Top to Bottom

When you think about how to spring clean your home, it’s important to start from the ceiling down. This will force debris downward and keep you from having to re-dust or re-clean your space. If you have a vacuum with an extension hose, use it to get cobwebs and dust from your ceilings and fans first.

Then dust your furniture and other items before vacuuming all the dust and debris off your floors. It will save you time.

4. Use a HEPA Vacuum

Is your vacuum ready for spring cleaning? Finding the right vacuum is one of the most important parts of spring cleaning. Remove more than just dust and build-up when you vacuum. A high-quality HEPA vacuum catches particles you can’t even see. It traps pet dander, allergens and all household particles in your home.

It’s one of the best spring cleaning supplies you can arm yourself with. Using a vacuum with HEPA filtration will remove dirt and dust, but it will also remove allergens and impurities from your air.

You’ll see this suggestion on just about every spring house cleaning list.

If you don’t have a HEPA vacuum, look for one with attachments, like dusting brushes and crevice tools, and hoses that can be used to clean any location.

These tools make it simple to clean ceiling fans, cobwebs in corners, furniture, pillows, and tight spaces like behind furniture. Be sure to move your furniture too (or at least vacuum under it).

5. Think Green When You Spring Clean

You want to start spring off on a clean note, so don’t expose yourself to chemicals and toxins. A steam cleaner is one of the best green products for spring cleaning. It can be used to clean your microwave, tile, hard floors, kitchen appliances, bathrooms, and even outdoor areas.

Since steam cleaners only use hot water vapor, they are a 100% natural and chemical-free cleaning solution. But keep in mind – not everything can be steam cleaned.

If you don’t have a steam cleaner, one of the best natural combinations for cleaning is white distilled vinegar, baking soda, and water. These ingredients are affordable, non-toxic, and have worked for ages when it comes to cleaning.

See our top spring cleaning products for allergy-sufferers. They’ll clean your air, floor and furniture without a single chemical.

6. Walls and Windows Need Love too

People almost always clean their floors, but they typically forget about walls and windows. Not all dust settles on the floor and other surfaces. Just use a damp towel to wipe down walls and blinds (starting from the top). Remove and wipe down the window screens outside.

When it comes to clean windows, you can hire an expert to get them sparkling clean! Hard water sometimes builds up on the windows over the year and we have the expertise to remove the residue that can cause long term damage to your windows. Dust settles on windows and especially window screens and it’s important to get those cleaned as well! We can clean your window screens and get off all the dust, cobwebs and insects that end up on them over the season. We’ll even vacuum and clean your blinds if you let us know ahead of time that you’d like this done!

7. The Kitchen and Bathroom

Don’t fear cleaning your bathroom! Here are a few common trouble areas:


  • Wipe down your cabinets.

  • Go through your pantry and refrigerator. Wipe down the shelves, and throw away any old items.

  • If you have stainless steel appliances, be sure to use gentle cleaners or a steam cleaner to avoid scratching or other issues.


  • Change your shower curtain.

  • Go through your cosmetics drawer or medicine cabinet and throw away any expired items.

Consider installing or upgrading to a new bathroom fan. Replacing an existing fan or adding a new one can help to ensure your bathroom remains in top notch condition. They are great for ventilating moisture during showers and removing odors/vapor removal. Depending on the unit you select, it may even come with built-in lighting, automatic operation, and other user-friendly features.

8. Don’t Forget About Your Air

Replacing furnace and HVAC filters is one of the most important and overlooked parts of spring cleaning. In fact, replacing a standard filter with a more robust one with a high MERV rating will help keep you healthier as you enter spring.

It will catch smaller, irritating particles. Air conditioner ducts build up dust during winter, and upgraded filters catch unwanted particles so they don’t enter your space. It’s an inexpensive way to make sure you’re breathing clean, healthy air.

The best way to ensure healthy spring air void of allergens, indoor chemicals or odors is with an air purifier. If anyone in your home suffers from allergies or wakes up stuffy during allergy season, adding an air purifier to his/her bedroom will help.

9. Have Severe Allergies? Protect Yourself.

Cleaning will more than likely unsettle all the winter dust on furniture and fixtures. If you suffer from allergies or are using heavy-duty cleaners, be sure to read the labels. For safe spring cleaning, wear rubber gloves, masks, scarves and even hairnets. Protective clothing will help guard against skin irritations and allergic reactions.

10. Let Spring Cleaning Set a New Tone

If your space feels dark and heavy, you can make small changes to help make it light and fresh for spring. Adding new colorful pillows or art are great ways to change up your space. Replacing items like bedding, towels, table linens, and even window treatments are other ways to transform your rooms for spring and warm weather ahead.

Clean windows will open things up, let in more light and set a bright, happy tone for the spring and summer season. Regular window cleaning will keep your windows and home cleaner and happier

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SLC's Best Window Cleaners for Forty-One Years!

Roy Smith founded Morning Star Window Cleaning in Salt Lake City in 1978.

Since then, we’ve spread out, grown and perfected the art of window cleaning and customer satisfaction…but it was never hard for us! We enjoy the work we do and our customers can tell because they get great service and clean windows every time. We are proud to be SLC’s and the whole Wasatch Front’s best window cleaners. Contact us to schedule your next window cleaning, screen cleaning , rain gutter or solar panel cleaning.

Roy Smith, Owner and Founder of Morning Star Window Cleaning

Roy Smith, Owner and Founder of Morning Star Window Cleaning

CD, one of our great window cleaners, hard at work.

CD, one of our great window cleaners, hard at work.


Window Cleaner Spring Cleaning: Clean Those Window Screens!

Window Cleaner Spring Cleaning: Clean Those Window Screens!

All year long dust, cob-webs, water, insects and all kinds of things build up on your window screens, so you may have clean windows but you still can’t see out of them! Let us handle the heavy work for you. Part of our job as window cleaners, is cleaning screens! We do window cleaning, screen cleaning, rain gutter cleaning and solar panel cleaning.

A Utah Winter of Window Cleaning

We work in Salt Lake City and all up and down the Wasatch Front and in Park City and Heber, cleaning windows. From post construction clean-up, to regular residential window cleaning, to getting holiday paint off of commercial account window’s- we’re hard at work all winter long.

It’s been a snow season here in Salt Lake City and we thought we’d share a few of our winter window cleaning highlights. Enjoy.

A beautiful home with clean windows in Heber, Utah.

A beautiful home with clean windows in Heber, Utah.

Roy, in his U of U best, scraping decorative holiday paint off the windows of a car dealership in Murray.

Roy, in his U of U best, scraping decorative holiday paint off the windows of a car dealership in Murray.

A snowy home up Emigration Canyon.

A snowy home up Emigration Canyon.

A sunset shot from our headquarters on a snowy day!

A sunset shot from our headquarters on a snowy day!

Another job well done on a wintery day.

Another job well done on a wintery day.

If you’d to schedule a free estimate with the best window cleaners in Utah, give us a call. (801) 943-8832

Forty Years of Window Cleaning in SLC!

We’ve been in business in Salt Lake City since 1978. In forty years of window cleaning, we’ve kept our customers and grown our business because we do great work every single time. From window cleaning to screen cleaning and cleaning out rain gutters in the fall, we do our work with a smile because we enjoy what we do and we love making our customers happy.

This week we were cleaning windows up in Emigration Canyon. The blue sky, fresh snow and mountain views are better seen through clean windows! If you’d like a free window cleaning estimate, give us a call. (801) 943-8832.

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window cleaners slc